Saturday, 19 December 2015


Week 55
14th December 2015

So.. yeah we have got a typhoon rolling through our area tomorrow, we will be re-located today to another area as we are too close to the ocean. Have to call President later to find out where we are going. Our zone will probably be the most affected as we are all on a little peninsula. Looking forward to it, first proper storm in my mission! 

The work was good this week otherwise, we were able to teach a lot of lessons, and take my companion to get to know the area. 

My companion is really struggling with the language, and having trouble memorising. But, I'm keeping on doing what I do, working and trying my best to help him. Yesterday we just went over learning how to pronounce the Tagalog alphabet and the vowels.

Like I said the work has been good. We were able to have some success with numbers, but numbers don't matter too much to me. I'm just at the point where I'm just working to do what I'm supposed to do, and to invite others to come unto Christ. If at the end of the day they don't want to, well yeah I feel bad for them, but there are a lot more people out there to share our message with, can't get down on that stuff and let it bother me.

This coming week was supposed to be good, but we'll be out of work from tonight until at least Thursday. It just depends on how bad we get hit, and what the conditions are like after the storm passes.

We're not in our area so have to head back to our flats shortly to pack - just clothes and food for 3 days... power and water will most likely be out. We will probably be here in somewhere in Lopez though.

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