Monday, 28 December 2015

2nd Christmas in the Philippines!

Week 57
28th December 2015

Not too much to say about this week, besides we didn't work that much. The Zone Conference was awesome, the Skype was the highlight, and the Christmas party was good. We got to eat a lot at the Christmas party, I cleaned up 3 plates I think, and the food was nice. There was a lot of games played, and I participated and had fun!

We have a young couple that are investigating the church, and they are what we would call "GOLDEN". They read the Book of Mormon, they already have a start of a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true, and to top it off, they came to church yesterday! When they rolled up to church yesterday, albeit a little late, I was smiling like a little child who just got chocolate. They have a date set for February 6, 2016 and I should still be here. So, if you can't tell, I am pretty excited!

We also have another lady who should be getting baptized on January 30, unless something tragic happens. She is just as golden. Comes to church all the time, came to the Ward Christmas party on Saturday night, and reads every day. Miracles are truly happening in this area, and I feel that I finally am making up for the first 9 months of my mission when I had ZERO baptisms.

The members are really keen to get into working with us from the turn of the new year too. I have found out all the availability of the Priesthood, and hopefully this will bring only more success. I feel like if we work hard, and work well with the members, that the area of Gumaca will become a fruitful area for missionary work. I really want to set it up for the missionary who will come in and replace me. With the way the area is going, I could easily stay here for 7-9 months, but I think I will be out after 6.

Our attendance at church was the highest it's ever been yesterday, we had 57! I was so surprised, and even though it's Christmas, I will work harder to keep the attendance up at that level, and even push it higher towards 100. If only people realized how important it is to take the sacrament every week, and what Christ did for us, then I am 100% sure we would have such a higher attendance, sometimes I feel like people forget that, and I won't deny it, I do it too.

This week should be a lot better week than this last week, with a full week of work, and the turn of the new year coming ever closer. 4 more days until 2016, that's crazy! I'm really keen to smash the next 10 months, and let time fly by. Ever since I hit the 1 year mark, time has just gone and disappeared, and I don't know where it's gone.

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