Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Week 58
04 January 2016

The New Year celebrations were great and very loud!!! Being my 2nd New Years here already knew it was going to be crazy..I was just on our balcony watching everything unfold. Fireworks went off at 12AM and they went crazy, and so did the people.  We had kids in our street screaming non stop... they had scrap metal, smashing it  and the roads with pots, pans, and whatever they could get a hold of, people with motorbikes revving as hard as they could, and then on top of that, all night we had drunk people singing karaoke, and you can imagine the singing!!  All just to celebrate New Years. Crazy! It was fun though.

The work has been going well. We definitely now have 3 baptisms coming up next transfer. We have 1 on January 30, and a 2 on February 6. Also working with a couple investigators who aim to be baptized on February 13 or 20, so busy times are definitely ahead! Looking forward to it all for sure.

On the topic of the ward, we had our second week in a row with over 50 people! I was so happy, and in Elders Quorum, we talked about improving on the performance from last year. The ward knows that the performance was very weak, and I feel that they are ready to get going and do the work required. Something I'm looking forward to is working with the members more, until however long I have left in the area, but members are getting excited about missionary work, and more importantly, rescuing efforts.

This coming week should be cool. We are off to San Pablo for the training check-up. It will a relief for me, because I'm super stressed out right now, and I need to relax. I'm lucky that Elder Nikau will be there too, so he will probably help me get my mind off the stress while we eat tonnes of food, and mock each other all day.

I've been working out since the beginning of this transfer... push-ups, squats and things like that. There isn't a day when I have a sore chest and shaky legs while I'm walking haha.

We've had a few more dinner appointments. Our investigators that are being baptized on February 6 always feed us every time we go there though. They really are the best. And on New Years day, our investigator being baptized on January 30 and her less-active cousin gave us some dessert to eat after we taught, so here and there, which is fine with me.

The rest of the day we will do our shopping, pay the electricity bill then work tonight, not much else planned.

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