Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mixed Week!

Week 61
25 January 2016

The week was a good one, but was full of disappointment at the same time, but that was all swallowed up in the miracles I got to see in my area.

So, our baptisms we had scheduled for this Saturday and next Saturday won't be continuing. The investigators all had some things come up that they need to sort out, but one of them is continuing to come to church, and wants us to keep visiting until the time she is able to be baptized. Was pretty disappointed, but not too much I can do about it, so I just accepted it and moved on quickly!

The disappointment won't kill my enthusiasm though. The ward here is in the re-boot mode since having a new Bishop, and the ward is on a roll. Once the organization is complete, the work will only be easier than it has been. 

We had the couple missionaries from Lucena come down and give a workshop on mapping, and our ward will be looking to use it as soon as possible. I honestly wouldn't mind staying one more transfer just to help out the ward a little more. Also got a few referrals yesterday at church from the members, and we will be looking to contact them within the coming week.

Other than that, the work is still going well. We had 3 investigators at church again, but I would love to have more than 3 to church at a time. Don't get me wrong though, I'm really happy that we get to have investigators at church every Sunday. If I rewind to my last area......

Tomorrow, we have exchanges with the Assistants. Should be a good opportunity to learn and grow as a missionary, and experience work with other missionaries. I'm hoping secretly inside that I get Elder Tumanguil as my companion tomorrow, because he was assigned in Gumaca way back in 2014, so I want to get him to take me to less-actives that he and his companion back then used to visit.

Eating fine in this area.. have a dinner appointment tonight.  Also have the Assistants coming this evening after dinner.

Have a heap of photos but this card reader isn't working - will try again next week.

Busy weeks ahead, no time to waste!

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