Friday, 20 May 2016

Zone PDay and a great Catch Up!

Week  77
16th May 2016

This week was weird. We didn't have much success at all, as we were punted time after time after time. It was rough, and I was getting discouraged by people's rudeness. When we would tract we were getting rejection after rejection, and the worst part was people wouldn't even get outside to talk to us, they would just yell to us to go away, because they don't want to go outside because it's too hot. 

All of the things we suffered this week though with rejection and broken appointments was all made up for when we had 10, I repeat 10 investigators at church!! I was so surprised, because our week wasn't successful, but it just goes to show that God works in mysterious ways. All of them thoroughly enjoyed their time at church, and 4 of the people that attended church have baptism goal dates over the next month and a bit.

Zone Training Meeting this week was great - learnt so much.

Jacob Richards came around and visited me on Saturday, and man has he put the weight back on! I saw him, and was shocked at how big he had gotten!!  It was a good catch up though, we had lunch and hung out for a bit before he headed back to Lemery, to travel to Batangas City later that afternoon. He's travelling with a few from his batch - they're all from the same place.

We just got back from Zone P-day, and that was good! We went to a beach, and man it was super hot! We had fun though, as we ate, chilled, and played some games. The sisters got me to play jump rope with a huge rope, and that game ended when the roped clobbered me on the side of my head. Of course I dramatized the hit, and fell down with a huge thud, and screamed a little, just for extra spice.

It has been so hot - temperatures have been 40-42 degrees for the last two weeks!

This week should be a busy week. We are preparing for a baptism on May 27, so we have to finish the lessons with this child, and set the baptism interview. We also have baptisms coming up on June 4 and June 11. All of these baptisms are for children of part-member families...hopefully all goes well.

Elder Crichton with Jacob Richards (Elder Richards was his trainer)

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