Sunday, 19 June 2016


Week 81
13th June 2016

The week was great! We had a great time with the baptism, and were able to teach quite a few lessons. Our work is going great!

The baptism was on Saturday, and the children were very excited to get baptized. They had their cousin baptize them both, and they were all smiles as they were confirmed members of the church yesterday in Sacrament Meeting.

A miracle that came from the baptism on Saturday was that we had one of our investigators attend the baptism. Her concern was that she was a little hesitant to be baptized, but after attending the baptism, and seeing what goes on, she must've felt the spirit and  felt that being baptized was right, because after the baptism she asked us if she could be baptized next Saturday. We're one lesson away from finishing the lessons with her, and her interview is on Wednesday, and she will be baptized this Saturday! Never seen so much success in my mission ever. I'm really excited for this baptism too, it just shows the progress of the area.

Our week this week will be full of contacting referrals. On Saturday before the baptism, our branch held a Branch Missionary Training, and the members went out and worked at the end of it. They went finding, and found quite a few people to teach! We're going to be super busy contacting referrals, so we're pretty excited. 

I feel like we're being supported by the members now, not us supporting them, which is the greatest thing that has happened to me since being in the mission. Our members still work with us every day, and they go out and visit when they aren't working with us. The branch is going great, I almost feel like we don't need to find anyone anymore because we get so many referrals! But yeah, we still should be finding, which we are. We don't even need to teach our recent converts anymore, the branch missionaries are taking charge of teaching the recent converts.

The potential for this transfer is awesome. We have so many part-member family referrals, and even though nearly all of them are youth/ primary children, it gives them a chance to grow up in the church, and learn from a young age the will of God for them. 

Today we had our zone P-day. Our zone went to Fantasy World again, and it was a great time. We played games, took photos, and got to know each other through out the day. It really brought our zone together, and everyone was happy getting to know each other. I don't have photos at the moment, because we're emailing in another area, and my card reader is at our area. 

We still get fed heaps, we have a dinner appointment tonight, so after we finish here we're going to the zls to change then heading out to dinner in our area.  After that we have an appointment and will be teaching a lesson.

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