Sunday, 12 June 2016

Same area - New Companion!

Week 80
06 June 2016

Transfer week is always a transition week. I said goodbye to Elder Mesias in the morning, and welcomed in Elder Llanda in the afternoon. So far, everything is going good with Elder Llanda. He's about 5 months old in the mission, and well I'm almost 5 months until I come home.

Our week wasn't too busy with appointments. Monday to Wednesday was a few appointments, then a few dinner appointments. Friday and Saturday was a few appointments, while also taking my new companion around the area, helping him get used to the place.

Yesterday we had 7 investigators at church. 4 of them, we haven't even taught yet, but we are planning on visiting them within the next few days.

We also got a tonne of referrals from members, so the missionary work here is really getting into gear. Our Branch Mission Leader is on top of it, along with the District High Councillor in charge of missionary work, and he happens to be in Nasugbu Branch. We went to work with him and his wife yesterday, and contacted 2 part-member families that he referred to us. They're leading by example, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon really fast too.

This week will be full of contacting referrals, teaching and stuff like that.... It'll just be full! 

Even better though, we have a baptism this Saturday! It's 2 primary children, and they're super excited to be baptized! I'm excited for them too, and I'm really happy that I am able to welcome my companion into the area with a baptism. Nothing better than for a missionary to come into a new area and have 
a baptism straight away!

Usual PDay here for us - cleaning, doing our washing and then appointments this evening.

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