Sunday, 17 July 2016

Another good week...

Week 85
11th July 2016

This week was a good one too. The baptism went really well, and our work is just going so well at the moment. I couldn't complain about anything in our work at the moment. We have a lot of progressing investigators, a lot of scheduled baptisms, and I'm not transferred! So yeah things are going well right now. Members still trying to get me to stay here until I go home, but I'm just going to take it one transfer at a time, because I only have 3 left.

It was raining super hard all week this week, as there's a typhoon sweeping through up mid-north Luzon, and being in South Luzon we got smashed with a bit of wind and a LOT of rain. It was kinda tough, came home every night with wet as pants, wet as socks, and wet as shoes! The problem here is that the drainage ain't flash, so a lot of roads and streets in our area are flooded. And we're talking about flood waters half-way up your calf. It's terrible, and a lot of times I ended up just taking my shoe and socks off and walking in bare feet.

Our baptism was on Friday, and well I had no pants that were dry enough to wear, so I ended up wearing my ie faitaga that I was given by a past missionary. Got a lot of strange stares and a lot of members cracking up, but I'll always be a proud Australian-born afatasi Samoan, so it was great to rock my ie faitaga to the baptism, with my broken jandals that I fixed at the chapel. The baptism itself went great, and it was a great opportunity for me to exercise my Priesthood authority and baptize someone again. Thats my tenth baptism since I've been out.

Members are continuing to work super hard with us, giving us referrals left, right, and center. The best part of it, is that all of these referrals are prepared referrals, and very receptive to the message of the restored gospel. I'll be honest and say that I'm a pretty good finder, but I prefer teaching all day. It's so much fun to teach people, and my testimony grows every time I share it to others, and see investigators and members come to church every Sunday. In the last month our branch has been doing really well with the attendance, popping over 200 every Sunday for the last month. We're also working closely with the new Branch Presidency, and yesterday's meeting with them was a great plan setting meeting for missionary work. I worked well with the last Branch President, and I want to work even better with the new Branch President, so he can get off to a good start.

This week is a transition week as we're preparing our 2 investigators who are set for July 23, and we will be going out finding new investigators. We're not affected by transfers, so we're keen to get the work on. Hopefully the rain won't be crazy, because it's so much easier to work when it's dry. Thinking of buying boots to keep my feet dry while we're out.

We had another P-Day at the beach today. We'll be staying with other Elders tonight because we can't get home, but we're leaving first thing tomorrow to get back for work. P-days are fun, but teaching is pretty fun, and really important, so we'll be home before midday tomorrow.

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