Sunday, 10 July 2016

Zone PDay

 Week 84 
04th July 2016

Our week was a lot better than the last week with no interruptions with travel. It was so good, even our district meeting was in Nasugbu, so we didn't have to even catch a jeepney or van anywhere!  
The work this week was great. We were able to find a lot of new investigators who are mostly part-member families, or have been taught by missionaries before. We set a lot of baptismal goal dates to investigators, and if they all progress well, the next few months will be full of baptisms. We're talking at least 1 baptism every 2 weeks, so the work here is going great. 
One of our investigators that was supposed to get baptized this Saturday wasn't able to come to church today, so we will be delaying her baptism until next Saturday, July 16. Our 2 that will be baptized this Friday are all set and ready to go, and very excited. Me and my companion will be baptizing them, so it's definitely something to look forward too. We also have a baptism set for July 23. 
In other news, we had zone p-day yesterday, and we went to some nature park. The area and stuff was quite plain and boring actually, but being in the company of the zone was great, so we made the best out of what we had. We all then hit a pizza place for lunch, and spent quite a long time there. 
We had an FHE with our investigators last night, and that was fun. We played some games, and the whole family was just cracking up at each other - it was good to see everyone get into it too. 
Our week this week will be busy preparing for the baptism, and finding  and teaching more investigators   Turns out when you can see the names of your investigators and their goal dates every day, it motivates missionaries to work harder. We were challenged by Elder Haynie of the 70 in our mission tour to eventually be having at least 1 baptism per week, because it's possible. 
President & Sister Mangum came to church on Sunday too, and well it was good! Our chapel was even fuller than last week, and a lot of people got up and bore their testimonies. President Mangum also gave a lesson in Elders Quorum at the request of the Elders Quorum President, and it seemed to help the priesthood.   
I'm doing well.... glad I'm here in Nasugbu. Oh so the members actually asked Pres Mangum if I can stay..... I'm not leaving anytime soon apparently!  

Chilling in the town plaza

On the hunt!

Zone P-Day

Walking along the creek.

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