Saturday, 2 July 2016

Mission Tour

Week 83
27 June 2016

This week was very tiring. All of our travel just made us super tired, and it affected our work a little bit. But it was still great.

Our mission tour was on Wednesday and it was a good meeting. Elder Haynie of the 70 was our visitor, and he presented a lot of inspired ideas to help the work progress. One idea that I really liked that I had never thought of before was a baptismal goal date calendar. It's one thing to work hard in an area and have the work progressing while you are there, but it's definitely another thing to leave an area, and have an area set up for the following missionary to come in and baptize. Having a clear picture of what you are aiming for is also something that a baptismal calendar date gives us. We will definitely be applying that to our area. It was also good to see some of the boys again, and catch up with people. My news is that my MTC companion Elder Faka'i became the new AP of our mission at the beginning of the transfer.

Another thing I enjoyed was the "Scattered Israel" part, and it's so true! We presented the idea to the branch missionaries yesterday in our MCM, and they all clicked about who these people could be. Some even received some personal revelation right in the middle of the meeting and shared how they met this person, and what was said. The Holy Ghost was certainly working with them in that time.

Our branch is going great, we had a very full chapel yesterday, along with the new Branch President called here in Nasugbu Branch. I look forward to getting to work with him, and getting him up to speed with what's going on with the missionary work here in Nasugbu. Our Branch Missionaries are now out in force, teaching our recent converts, while we & the BML monitor how the recent converts are progressing. Me and my companion have a good vibe going with the Branch Council, with each auxiliary giving us suitable fellowshippers, and it's definitely a "Help me, help you, help us" situation.

Our personal miracle within our companionship was finding 2 families this week. One family was a referral, and the other family came off our own efforts. We have set appointments with them later tonight, and we are excited to get to working with them, and bringing them closer to Jesus Christ through His Atonement, and through His gospel.

This week will be full of work, and this time with no distractions with meetings. Me & my companion are hyped to get a full week of no far away places to go, and just work until we drop at 9.30PM after planning. Things are going well, and we have another 3 baptisms coming up on July 9, so we'll also be busy preparing our investigators for their next step in moving closer to eternal life. 

We good!

My follow up Trainer - Going home in July

My 4th Companion is a Zone Leader - going home in October

The Aussie Missionaries!

Finally met Sister Kumar.

Mr Assistant, Elder Faka'i Getting excited to come home in November

Elder Hapi - going home in August

Our Fridge! 

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