Friday, 22 July 2016

Called as District Leader!

Week 86
18th July 2016

This week was great, and it was bad at the same time. Tonnes of things that went on that were mostly good, but there was some dumb things that happened.

Friday night came along, and just like any other Friday night we were doing a night workout, and updating the area book, and funky stuff like that. The phone rings, and it's President Mangum. Turns out he wanted me to be the District Leader here.  I've really enjoyed being a normal missionary and just focusing on my own area, not having to worry about what goes on in other areas, but that's all changed now.

Other than that, the work has been great! Members still working with us, and investigators really progressing well. On Saturday our 2 investigators who set a date for July 23 had  their interviews, and the baptism will continue on July 23. We're really excited, and so are our investigators. The member who referred them to us will be baptizing them, and he's super excited.

So far in the month of July, our branch sacrament attendance hasn't dropped below 210, so the chapel is always full. It's such a great sight to see the chapel so full, and also to see a lot of our investigators at church! We didn't drop below 6 investigators at church for the whole transfer, which is a miracle in our work, because all of those investigators are progressing really well towards baptism.

So the bad news is, I've been sick since Thursday. I got rained on, and had a running nose, and then on Friday we got smashed on! Yep, woke up Saturday morning with the good old cold, and Sunday came and added asthma to the equation! Loving it, just barely walking around without getting out of breath. Nothing stopping me though, just gotta bring my asthma pump around everywhere, haha.

This week I have to dive straight into this whole District Leader thing. Exchanges with the Zone Leaders tomorrow, then my first district meeting on Wednesday, and then yeah... but excited for the baptism though, so I can't complain. 

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